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CMOA Meeting Swindon: 19th March 2017

St Ives Holiday Village Side Meeting Notes

Notes of CMOA Reps & St Ives Managers Meeting: 21/2/17

The owners present reviewed the notes from the above meeting and agreed they were a comprehensive coverage of the concerns of owners and JFH. The group thanked the CMOA reps for their work and said the report was excellent. Discussion on matters arising from the meeting that the owners wished to see progressed further.

  • State of the Roads

St Ives owners feel very strongly about the condition and state of some of the roads at St Ives Holiday Village. The condition of these roads is a distraction from and spoil the excellent improvements that are underway at St Ives. In view of the lack of maintenance and deterioration of the park road surfaces, owners feel very strongly about what they see as exorbitant amount of road charges they currently pay and appear to get nothing in return.

  • Cleaning and Servicing of Properties
    • The cleaning and maintenance of o properties at St Ives has been restructured for the 2017 season and should result in higher standards for guests. Owners would like to see any cleaning and servicing failures that occur, together with any praise, reported by owners to the CMOA reps, as well as St Ives management. This would enable the reps to monitor and measure the quality of cleaning and servicing delivery for our guests. This would provide a definitive assessment for the next St Ives reps meeting with the managers.
  • Window Cleaning
    • This is an important service and would like to see all owners at St Ives made aware through the minutes of today’s meeting. The first thing the guests see is the windows. If they are dirty, could affect their mood before their stay begins. Chris Mitchell, who is also an owner and CMOA member, lives locally and is willing to provide a window cleaning service for owners at St Ives Holiday Village. Currently the service only applies to single story properties. Owners will need to contact Chris direct on mobile 07834898124, as the service is not available through John Fowler Holidays Ltd
  • Location & aesthetics of refuse bins
    • Owners feel that as a matter of priority, refuse bins should be re-sited in to bays. The bays should be placed as far away from properties as practicable, to help eliminate smell and a nuisance from seagulls.
  • Excessive Water/Electricity charges
    • Owners, would like clarification on the scale of what they perceive as excessive charging for electricity and water at St Ives Holiday Village.

There appears to be a lot of variance in St Ives Holiday Village charges, to those being levied at Perran, Tolroy and Kenegie.

    • Action: CMOA to seek clarification.
  • New lodges, Gas Cylinders
    • The owners reiterated their concerns regarding the gas cylinders at each lodge. They understand that for Health & Safety and fire regulations they cannot be attached to the lodge. However, do they pose a risk of being pulled over by children? Also, they look unsightly and spoil the look of these lovely lodges. Therefore, the cylinders at all lodges should be enclosed in bottom vented cabinets, that are accessible to the emergency services in the event of an incident. This would not only improve safety, but would also enhance and add to the appearance of the lovely lodges.
  • New Lodges: Duvets
    • Owners of new lodges with king sized beds, reported that it appears that the king-sized duvets are sometimes being replaced with large duvets. This size of duvet does not adequately cover the bed.
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