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Tolroy Manor Reoprt 19 March 2017

Notes from my on site meeting W/C 13 March 17

The meeting started with a walk around the site and a visit to one of the recent upgrades of a JF property to a ‘Gold” standard. A very thorough redesign of the bedrooms resulted in much improved layout albeit the space in this bungalow is very limited. The kitchen with its quality units, glass splashbacks and new built in appliances was a very good working space and has exactly the the attention to build and materials that customers expect these days from this type of holiday offer. I still question the colour scheme of burgundy and primrose as being urban and not aligned to accommodation for a summer beach holiday, but JF don’t seem to understand the concept of delivering the dream! The installation of forced air circulation and low wattage panel heaters is a tremendous improvement to the atmosphere being warm and fresh and not a hint of damp.

Gavin can install panel heaters for a very reasonable fixed price of £145 each for both 500Watt and 750 Watt. These heaters will provide the warmth and help control the amount of electricity used whilst improving the safety from being knocked over (gives a bit more floor area too).

A new requirement for “gold’ properties is a freezer so will mean some kitchen replaning for some.

Many properties have gutters full of grass and sedums and need to be cleaned out. Gavin will be writing asking for this to be done, or you could use the regular window and gutter clean that Gavin organises.

Trevithick car park has been patched (again) and a new fence has replaced the brambles behind no. 3 – 8 which will hopefully be planted to further screen the road.

Throughout the site there are red boxes that contain fire extinguishers and instructions on how to use them. The instructions are being updated to make them applicable to this site. Opening the boxes will set an alarm off alert ing everyone to their use. The site does not have hydrants to fight fires so these extinguishers are a welcome addition.

The fight with the Seagulls continues and Gavin is costing an organisation that, by going through Cornwall Council, will be able to remove nests or take other measures to discourage the birds.

Last year we were promised a BBQ hut but this was put on hold as Marin Fowler wanted further information to upgrade the proposal to something more substantial. Gavin is following this up for next years improvements.

Generally there are small improvements everywhere to the visual benefit of the site and to improve safety and services. The playground has been repainted and the shop fitted with 3 new larger fridges to enable more chilled and frozen foods. Stock is coming in and the shelves stock useful and varied food with less souvenir and peripheral goods. The manor house is to be redecorated and, not this year. with some other improvements to the appearance of other service buildings, New electrics have been installed to improve safety but a there is a loss of water in the Strawberry hill area due to a leak which has been difficult to trace.

Finally the ongoing issue of the new white duvets. All of the ‘Gold’ properties have these and now the ‘Silver’ ones will get them on a trickle down as the ‘bucket and spade ones are withdrawn.

CMOA, Side meeting

Dogs have been seen off lead and there are dog faeces particularly Tudor and Trevithick Court. apparently there is a designated dog walk, I will investigate this.

There are further complaints about tree roots lifting paving slabs (70 Trevithick Court) could this be investigated before the season gets underway.

Following on from my note above on gutter clearing it would seem that the guttering to the side of houses which do pay for regular clearing are not getting the side gutter done as it over sails the adjoining house. one for Gavin to investigate.

Two points came up on ‘Gold’ properties, one owner reports that while they have the white duvets they do not have the cushions or throws? The other point is that ‘Gold’ properties can not be dog friendly whilst on other sites (St. Ives) they can

The ‘Important Message Notice’ is in an awkward location and too high in some Trevithick properties, could they be relocated?

A further request regarding the income statements, as the overall cost of the holiday rarely relates to the prices shown in the published brochure could the discount given be shown?

Owners at the top of the site find the trollies liberated from Homebase [sic] to be very useful, could they be renovated or replaced and kept in an accessible location.

Christopher Nell

Representative, Tolroy, Strawberry Hill.

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