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Notes from JFH/CMOA Meeting: 22nd June 2016

St Ives Holiday Village


Kevin Waite    JFH, St Ives.

Carenza Waite JFH, St Ives.

Ted Hand       CMOA, St Ives.

Chris Mitchell  CMOA, St Ives


Chris & Ted thanked Kevin and Carenza for facilitating the meeting.

Speaking from purely a personal perspective, Ted raised the standard of cleanliness of his chalet. Upon his arrival on the previous Saturday, Ted discovered the accommodation to be serviced to a very high standard. In fact, it was the best he had ever experienced in the eleven years he has owned the chalet. Ted asked for his comments and thanks to be passed to the supervisor and member of staff who had serviced the accommodation. Kevin and Carenza were pleased to hear the positive feedback. However, servicing remains a challenge in trying to recruit the right calibre of staff

Infrastructure/Landscaping/Vegetation Control.

Chris produced photographs of areas where the vegetation needs cutting. Kevin explained the maintenance of the park is work in progress and the small grounds team are progressively getting round to all areas of the park.

Now the Bluebells (protected) have died back. bark chipping will begin of the area in front of 235 – 244, Treva Croft. Ted recommended a bench seat similar to those by the new lodges is sited in that area. However, if this is installed in order to respect the privacy of owners it faces the road. Kevin will evaluate this suggestion. Kevin advised that picnic tables which are to be placed at locations around the park, have been ordered.

The fence at the end of the row 240 to 244 Treva Croft is shabby and in need of painting. Kevin agreed and will action the painting of the fence. There has been an issue with ground to the rear of this row. However, it does look reasonable and apart from putting down bark chippings, there is little else that can be done.

The slabbed paths have become a problem. This is despite them being reset in the winter. This problem has been caused by the heavy rain over the winter washing the sand out from under the slabs. Kevin has applied for a budget to tarmac the paths, which from a health and safety perspective would be safer as well as neater option. So far this budget has not been agreed.

Chris asked if there are any plans to replace the shed in the Oakley property area? Kevin said there are no plans to replace. However, accepted that a paint refresh is needed. Chris also raised the issue of the colour of the painting on the top the water supply building which is visible from the Oakley properties. Kevin said there are no plans to change it.

Window Cleaning.

Ted stated that from a personal viewpoint the windows of his property were awful and had not been cleaned since his last visit in March. It is accepted that Kevin & Carenza did all they could to try to get sufficient interest amongst owners to make it economically viable to contract in a window cleaner. Only four owners wanted this service. This is an important issue and is creating a poor image for our guests. Our guests experience is falling short through a failure that could be easily rectified. It possibly would not cost a lot with economy of scale to have a window cleaner once a month. There have been complaints from guests about the state of windows at some of the privately owned properties. Kevin has been trying to get approval for an extra staff unit to encompass window cleaning. So far this has not been agreed.

Since this meeting things have moved forward. Kevin and Carenza met with Dr Fowler and again raised the issue of window cleaning and gutter clearance. Dr Fowler agreed that the first thing that guests see when arriving at the unit is the windows. Therefore, dirty windows create a bad impression from the start and not the experience JFH want for them at the beginning of their holiday. Dr Fowler has laid down that that St Ives Holiday Village must hire contractors as soon as possible for all properties. Kevin and Carenza will be looking to engage the contractor over the next couple of weeks. They will be looking to source the most cost effective contractor, as the charge will be billed back to the owners for their individual units.

Wooden Decking.

A few owners have already installed wooden decking to the front of their properties. The existing decking will be allowed to remain. However, on the orders of Dr Fowler no more decking will be allowed. The only exception will be-some of the lower lying Treva Croft properties which are prone to having standing water to the front in periods of heavy rain. If they did decide they would like to install wooden decking to alleviate the problem, they would have to apply for permission from JFH.

Rubbish Bin Control.

A new strategy is under development for waste disposal. This will see a greater emphasis on recycling. The siting of bins to make them less visible will be part of the review.

Pest Control

The recent problem with vermin has been resolved. An ongoing control plan has been agreed and implemented by JFH, in cooperation with Rentokil. The plan is to discretely manage and control the vermin problem, that is associated with all woodlands.

Tree Pruning

All trees on St Ives Holiday Village are under a Cornwall County Council tree preservation order. Therefore, it is expressly forbidden without authorisation of Cornwall County Council, for any tree pruning, irrespective of how large or small to be carried out. The only exception being, where the tree is in such a state that it represents a danger to people or property. Even then the authority of Cornwall County Council must be obtained and the work has to be carried out by a qualified tree surgeon. It is vital that all owners comply with this directive. Otherwise JFH run the risk of a fine of up to £20, 000

Short/Long Term Development Plans.

Ted and Chris agreed that the early changes over the last eighteen months that have been implemented atSt Ives Holiday Village, are beginning to result in very noticeable improvements for guests. This is being reflected to all our benefit with the increase in the number of guests staying at St Ives Holiday Village. Also the amount of negative feedback for St Ives Holiday Village on TripAdvisor, is declining.

The longer term plans over the next three winters will the replacement of the old wooden chalets by new lodges. Plans are being considered to expand in to other areas the site to install even more lodges. There will be a company standard laid down and introduced for all JFH properties. The rebuild of the clubhouse will hopefully be completed within the next four years. To avoid any disruption for guests, the work would be completed over the winter and in time for the start of the following season.

Relationship with CMOA Reps.

Currently there are three CMOA reps for St Ives. They are:

The CMOA, St Ives reps are willing to take up on your behalf any generic/strategic problems that impact on all St Ives owners. Both Chris and Jules live in the St Ives area. Therefore, if the matter is urgent and requires immediate attention, it makes sense for owners to contact them in the first instance.

A reminder to all CMOA, St Ives owners. Where the problem/issue just affects you and does not involve other owners, your first approach should be to the management at St Ives Holiday Village. In order to ensure prompt attention and avoid any mix up in communications, it is recommended that owners do this is through email:

Kevin and Carenza welcome the twice annual meeting with the St Ives reps and think they are valuable and productive both from JFH and owner’s perspective.

CMOA 25th Anniversary/JFH Combined End of Season Party.

The combined party will take place on the 29th October 2016. Planning is ongoing with Kevin awaiting the advice of who the cabaret act performing at the event will be? The following actions for Kevin and Carenza were agreed:

  • Clubhouse will be decorated to reflect the CMOA 25th Anniversary.
  • Nominated Charity will be Cornwall Hospice Care.
  • Invitation for CMOA Members to Be Sent to David Lappin, CMOA Secretary by early September at the latest. David will then send the invitation to all CMOA members.
  • Effort to be made to source raffle prizes from JFH suppliers.

Any Other Items.

Bus Services

The bus service that serves St Ives Holiday Village did not start operating until 29th May. Bearing in mind the park opened in early March and Easter was in March, non-driving guests have been complaining about the lack of a bus service from the park. Carenza has contacted First, but has not received any satisfactory answers. Ted, on behalf of the CMOA, will contact First, to see if the service can start earlier in 2017?

CMOA Recruitment

Carenza asked when someone buys a property, does JFH still advise them of the opportunity to join the CMOA. Chris and Ted are unaware of whether this facility is still available from JFH? Please can David Lappin, CMOA Secretary advise?

Entertainment Passes

Chris raised the question of the cost of entertainment passes to owners who do not let through JFH? The current costs are: £12 for a short break, 3/4 nights and £24 for a week. However, this could change and Carenza is awaiting confirmation from JFH head office.

Bird Feeders

All of the bird feeders that owners have put have all been taken down. This is because the seed droppings were providing a ready-made supply of food for vermin. This forms part of the ongoing pest control plan. Inkeeping bird feeders have been trialled on site, but these have not been a success as they were prone to attack by squirrels. Currently bird feeders are on order and will be installed when delivered to evaluate their suitability.

Chris and Ted thanked Kevin and Carenza for the both the meeting which was very useful and productive and also for the progress we are seeing at St Ives Holiday Village.

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