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JFH/CMOA, St Ives Holiday Village

Notes of Meeting: Tuesday 21st February 2017

Our Mission

To represent all CMOA owners at St Ives Holiday Village, aiming to make

St Ives Holiday Village, amongst the best in Cornwall.


Carenza Waite,    John Fowler Holidays Manager St Ives:

Ted Hand          Jules Malone      Chris Mitchell      CMOA Reps

 Review of 2016 Season

Occupancy rates were considerably up on previous years at St Ives Holiday Village. Although there is still a long way to go, the servicing and maintenance of properties, had improved considerably. Ted Hand stated that from a purely personal point of view, there was a much higher standard of servicing at his property. This had resulted in zero complaints from guests in 2016.

 Owners Concerns

  • Trees/Daylight Treva Croft
    • Cornwall County Council tree plan for St Ives has identified several trees that need felling. These are all diseased trees. There are others that need pruning due to squirrel damage. However, none of the affected trees are within the Treva Croft area. Therefore, there cannot be any kind of pruning taking place in the Treva Croft area.
  • Paving Slabs
    • Slabs have been replaced with tarmac paths and are a considerable improvement both aesthetically and from a safety perspective. CMOA reps pointed out the tarmac has not been edged and may crumble over time.

Since the meeting, Ryan, Maintenance Manager, has examined the paths. Ryan thinks it will be alright once the bark chips have been taken up to the edge. However, Ryan will monitor the paths over the season.

  • Swimming Pool
    • Cosmetic work has been carried out and cleanliness will be a focus for the coming season. However, in view of the proposed upgrading of St Ives Holiday Village, there will not be any major work undertaken with the clubhouse and swimming pool.
  • Window Cleaning
    • Chris an owner who lives locally is willing to provide a window cleaning service for owners at St Ives Holiday Village. Owners will need to contact Chris direct, as the service is not through John Fowler Holidays Ltd
  • State of the roads/potholes

St Ives reps raised the condition and state of some of the roads at St Ives Holiday Village. Carenza stated that there are currently no plans to completely relay any of the roads. The reps felt this is disappointing as the potholes are not only a hazard, but also spoil the look of the park. In view of the lack of maintenance and deterioration of the park road surfaces, owners feel very strongly about what they see as exorbitant amount of road charges they currently pay. CMOA should seek clarification on what these extremely high charges are for? Is it for owners and their guests to use the park roads or service and upkeep? Action: CMOA

  • Location & aesthetics of refuse bins
    • Carenza would like to have the refuse bins re-sited in to bays. Currently there are some servicing issues with the contractors. Therefore, this is probably not the right time to install the bays.
  • Excessive Water/Electricity charges
    • Several complaints have been received by the reps from owners, regarding what they see as excessive charging for electricity and water. This is not within the scope of the management at St Ives and should be taken up by the CMOA at their meeting with Dr Fowler.
    • Action CMOA
  • Painting of facias /contractual responsibilities
    • Work is currently underway with the painting of fences and facias of properties. The work should be completed before the start of the season.
  • Wi-Fi Coverage
    • There are currently not any plans to provide wi-fi coverage for St Ives Holiday Village.
  • New lodges, gas cylinders
    • CMOA member owners have raised questions about the gas cylinders at each lodge. They understand that for Health & Safety regulations they cannot be attached to the lodge. However, do they pose a risk of being pulled over by children? Also, they look unsightly and spoil the look of these lovely lodges. Would it not be possible to enclose them in a bottom vented cabinet? This is not within the scope of the management at St Ives and should be taken up by the CMOA at their meeting with Dr Fowler.

Since the meeting Carenza has sought clarification on this issue. It is a head office responsibility and there are no plans to install cabinets. However, if any individual owner wishes to install a cabinet, JFH can get owners a quote.

 JFH Concerns

  •                  Out of Season Lettings
    • Some owners who let their properties outside of the season. do not have contingency plans in place for when problems arise. This results in guests going to Kevin & Carenza, who live on site, to try and seek a solution to the problems. Owners to be reminded by the CMOA, that guests who stay there out of season, are the responsibility of the letting owner. This means unless it is an emergency, they should not be disturbing Kevin & Carenza.
    • There have been a few instances where owners carrying out winter works, have moved refuse bins to their property and filled them with materials. In future, any owner found moving and utilising refuse bins will be billed.
  • Bus Service to & from St Ives Holiday Village
    • Correspondence from First Cornwall, indicated they would be in touch with Carenza to discuss the service with new timetable. To date no communication has been received.

Action: Carenza and Ted Hand have contacted First Cornwall, have since responded and indicated they will be in contact shortly.

  • Future-Plans: St Ives Holiday Village
    • New lodges will continue to be installed and the old chalets demolished.

Longer term re-developments of the complex will be ongoing for the next few years.

  • TripAdvisor Feedback
    • TripAdvisor Feedback has improved in the last couple of years. Owners report a lot of positive comments are being left in their guest books. Guests should be encouraged to also leave their positive feedback on TripAdvisor
  • Winter Works Update
    • The winter works programme should be completed by the start of the season.
  • Working Together
    • Agreement that the twice annual meetings are good in developing positive working relationship between JFH/owners and the CMOA.
    • Carenza stated that perhaps more could be done by St Ives Holiday Village management, to promote the CMOA. Especially to new owners coming to the park. Is it possible for CMOA, to provide publicity literature to St Ives management?
    • Action: David Lappin to advise.
  •  AOB

 Reps asked what developments are happening with the Oakley properties? Carenza stated, there is a three-phase upgrading programme currently taking place.

 Meeting finished at 1330.

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