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JFH/CMOA, St Ives Holiday Village

Meeting Agenda

1100: Wednesday 21st February 2018


Carenza Waite JFH

Kevin Waite JFH

Ted Hand CMOA

Chris Mitchell CMOA     


Our Mission

To represent all CMOA owners at St Ives Holiday Village, aiming to make

St Ives Holiday Village, amongst the best in Cornwall.


Review of 2017 Season

The 2017 season has been extremely successful with the best performance for many years. Occupancy rates have exceeded target. This increase is also reflected with owners seeing an increase in bookings for their units. St Ives Holiday Village accounts for one third of JFH bookings. The ongoing and improving development of St Ives Holiday Village influences TripAdvisor feedback, with more positive reviews being placed.

The remaining 35 old wooden chalets will not be let this season and will be demolished later in 2018. As all the old chalets have been taken offline, this also allows historic feedback on TripAdvisor, to be removed. This will obviously have a positive ongoing effect going forward to getting a higher grading for St Ives Holiday Village on TripAdvisor. 

Owners Concerns 

Servicing Standards

The standards of servicing have improved in the last few years. Standards are expected to continue to improve. Small points such as clearing hair etc. from bath/shower drain holes, needs to be addressed and monitored

A new housekeeping manager has been appointed to replace the previous one who has transferred to a different JFH site. The new manager is highly experienced and will bring a different focus on the servicing. Carenza receives the completed schedule forms and these are monitored on a weekly basis. Therefore, there is no need for servicing schedule forms to be placed in each unit, as suggested at the CMOA, AGM.

This is accepted by the CMOA reps

The fitting of PIVS (Positive Input Ventilation Systems) should also assist cleaning staff. There will not be the need to spend time on removing the build-up of mould that was happening in previous years.

Replacement Items Costs

A concern was raised by owners at the CMOA, AGM, regarding what is seen by owners as an excessive mark up on the prices to replace items in owner’s units, Carenza & Kevin explained- most owners live remotely from their properties and therefore, it falls on JFH to provide replacement items. JFH have preferred suppliers from whom St Ives Holiday Village must source items. These suppliers may be more expensive off the shelf items that could be purchased from local stores. JFH must then factor in admin and delivery charges to the price of the items. Technically, a surcharge should also be levied to owners for replacement, to date the surcharge has not been made.  Carenza and Kevin thought the mark up on items was reasonable. Items below a £100 carries a slightly higher mark up than those above £100.

Equipment Checks

Carenza said there should be improvements happening with system checks going forward. There are a lot of superfluous items in owner’s units that are no longer relevant for modern guests, i.e. rolling pin. pie dishes etc. some owners do tend to overstock. For example, a unit that accommodates 4 guests may have 10 cups. If the cups have not been washed by outgoing guests, this means the cleaning staff must wash them. Which eats in to the allocated time for servicing the unit. Carenza hopes to put together a new inventory for all units and issue to owners soon. 

Excessive Water/Electricity charges

This is an item for JFH/CMOA at a top-level meeting. With electricity charges there is mixed feedback from St Ives owners. Some report their electricity bill have risen significantly in 2017, whilst others state they have not seen any increase. Presumably, this is down to individual guest usage during their stay?

Regarding what owners see as excessive water rate charges. Owners feel the option of individual water meters should be explored.

Action CMOA

State of Roads

There are several bad potholes on the approach road and in the site. There have been previous attempts to fill these potholes in. Unfortunately, this measure does not last. Currently there are contractors on site and the problems will be sorted for the new season by putting in strips of tarmac. Also, the remaining Treva Croft areas where there are flagstone paths, are currently being replaced by tarmac paths. Work should be completed in time for the new season.


Planning permission was obtained in 2017 from Cornwall County Council to carry out a tree management programme. The work has now been completed with some trees having been felled and replaced with saplings.

A robust debate took place over the state of the areas whereby there was vehicle tracks and mud. There was a problem near an individual Oakley property. Carenza and Kevin explained the long periods of heavy rain that had been happening over the winter, coupled with the tree bark chipping machine having broken down for a four-week period, had caused major problems. However, the chipping machine is now back in action and the team are working hard catching up.

This was accepted by the CMOA reps.

Lodges Dedicated Parking Spaces

Lodges are not the responsibility of Carenza and Kevin and fall under Olly Fowler. Individual dedicated parking spaces would not be practical for individual units. However, signs have been erected for spaces showing the numbers of lodges to which the space applies. The signs for all other units have been removed to get rid of a clutter of signs. Guests are advised where to park on check-in.

Lodges Gas Cylinder Vented Cabinets

A vented cabinet has been sourced and fitted to one lodge. It is agreed that the cabinet is aesthetically pleasing and adds to safety. However, the cost is prohibitive at £400 a cabinet. It is anticipated that most owners would not be prepared to pay £400 to equip their lodge with a cabinet. JFH are trying to source a cheaper version

2018 Bus Service Update

A meeting was held in January 2018, between JFH, CMOA and First Cornwall. The objective was to get First Cornwall to run a bus service to and from St Ives Holiday Village at the shoulder periods- March, April, May and October. First Cornwall agreed to run an experimental service Monday to Friday during these months for 2018.

However, following the meeting of today. Disappointingly, First Cornwall has advised Carenza they have to apply to obtain the permission of Cornwall County Council to run the service. The application process takes eight weeks. This means that the Easter period will be missed in 2018. This issue was not advised during the January meeting and First Cornwall said they would be starting on the 1st of March 2018. Carenza is trying to get clarification to ascertain if anything can be done to hasten the application period?

Action Carenza



No other issues identified.

The CMOA reps thanked Carenza and Kevin for taking time out of their busy schedule at this challenging time. The CMOA reps conveyed their thanks and appreciation to Carenza, Kevin and the St Ives Holiday Village team who are working hard in currently difficult and challenging circumstances towards continuously improving the guest experience of St Ives Holiday Village.

Meeting concluded at 1220.

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