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Outputs from CMOA St Ives Holiday Village Side Meeting

Perran View: 12th November 2017

 Owners report in the main they have a good working relationship with the management at St Ives Holiday Village. However, there are sometimes communication failures, where it seems that emails do not always get to the management.

 Servicing Standards

In the main owners reported there has been an improvement in cleaning and servicing of their properties in the 2017 season. However, there is still room for improvement. Owners question what quality control checks are in place, when the unit has been serviced? There was a suggestion that a cleaning schedule book (like those in motorway service stations) are placed within owner’s units. These could then be signed off as satisfactory, by the person who monitors the servicing. This would give accountability and give assurance to guests/owners that the servicing met the desired/required standard.

Action: CMOA to take up with JFH

 Stock/Equipment Check.

Owners would like to see a mechanism for a regular stock and equipment monitoring system throughout the season introduced for their properties. A regular check would enable owners to be aware of what has been or needs replacing.

Action: CMOA to take up with JFH

 Item Replacement Charging

Owners feel that the charging by JFH to replace broken/stolen items was excessive. One owner quoted having been charged three times the purchase price to replace a table lamp. In other words, £18 to replace a £6 table light. Whilst it is recognised it is cheaper for owners to replace items themselves, this is not always possible. Therefore, a 20% mark up on purchase price by JFH would be acceptable.

Action CMOA to take up with JFH


Owners are impressed at the way the park looks and the landscaping that has taken place. However, some of the tree branches have grown down close to properties. These tree branches need cutting back to allow more light to the properties.

Action: St Ives Reps to take up with JFH

Some parts of the park road system are in poor condition. There is a need to tarmac strips of road rather than try and fill potholes. The roads are detracting from the improving aesthetic park surroundings

Action: CMOA to take up with JFH

It was noted that Perran View had just received TripAdvisor and Bellamy awards, has St Ives Holiday Village, received or been considered for any such awards?

St Ives Holiday Village Bus Service

Kevin & Carenza raised concerns in June 2016 with the CMOA representatives, regarding the bus service. The issue is the bus service does not start until late May and ends in late September. The park opens at beginning of March and goes on until the end of October. With guest numbers increasing and occupancy rates being good at the shoulders of the season, there is a demand for a bus service. Despite repeated attempts by CMOA to facilitate a meeting with First Cornwall, there has been little if any progress. Martin Fowler has now written to First Cornwall. Owners suggested another letter from CMOA might be useful. St Ives reps will continue to lobby and press First Cornwall, for a meeting.

Action: St Ives Reps/CMOA/JFH

CMOA Lodge Owners Wish List

  • Dedicated marked out and numbered parking space for each lodge.
  • Vented gas cylinder cabinets, (like the show lodge) to hide the unsightly red gas bottles, that spoil the look of the excellent properties. Also, to improve safety aspects.
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