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Outputs from CMOA Side Meeting: 30th October 2016

St Ives Holiday Village

 Owners thanked Kevin & Carenza for the superb progress that has been made over the last two years at St Ives Holiday Village. Owners realise that it is still work in progress, but all agreed that the signs for the future are very good.

Damage/replacements in Owners Units

A question from an owner was raised regarding the process for damage to fittings in owner’s units? Carenza said that any repair of damage, replacement of items, which is less than £100 in cost, is done automatically without advising the owner. Where the value exceeds £100, owners are contacted for permission. However, it is not always possible to get hold of owners during busy periods. Therefore, to avoid having to move guests out of the unit, the work has to be carried out, without having owners permission.

Infrastructure/Landscaping/Vegetation Control.

Kevin has bid for a budget to replace the slabbed, with tarmac paths. If finance is agreed, this will be done in four sections over the winter.

Action: Kevin/Carenza

Owners noted the earlier presentation that all trees are under preservation orders. However, there was a view that many trees are getting choked with ivy, does this have an adverse effect on the trees? Kevin said he would seek the views of the tree surgeon.

Action: Kevin

Winter Works

Before owners carry out work in their units during the winter months, please advise the management by email – each time you will be there and require the water to be turned on. Owners must be aware that in December there may not be any staff on duty on the site. Therefore, if owners are planning work in December, they must advise the site well in advance, that they want the water turned on in their unit.

Action: Owners

Property Occupancy Leases

There is a mixture of leases at St Ives Holiday Village, some have a ten-month, others have a twelve-month occupancy lease. Owners with a ten-month lease, can apply to have it changed to a twelve-month occupancy lease. This can be done either directly by the owner online with Cornwall County Council or through a solicitor. The cost to change the lease is circa £180.


The grading review exercise is carried out by JFH in February of each year. A lodge owner raised a query on lodge grading criteria. Kevin informed the meeting that after two years Platinum Lodges are reduced to Gold grade. The reason being that during that period new lodges are being installed and as they are new, will be in top condition.

St Ives Holiday Village Bus Service

Kevin & Carenza raised concerns at the June meeting with the CMOA representatives, regarding the bus service. The issue was the service did not start until the 29th May and the site opened on the 6th March. Following that meeting the CMOA facilitated a meeting with First Cornwall in early 2017 at the timetable planning stage. Carenza request that it would be helpful in advance of the meeting with First, if individual owners could write letters to her in support of the need for an improved bus service to and from St Ives Holiday Village each year from the beginning of March to the end of October. Also, would the CMOA please send her a letter of support.

Action: Owners/David Lappin

Development of the Bottom End of the Complex.

Owners enquired what the was the purpose of work being undertaken down at the bottom end of the complex? Kevin said it was the former golf course which was being made suitable for installing new lodges. There was a view in the meeting, that if possible, the reinstatement of a golf course would be a useful addition for guests to the village amenities.

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