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St Ives report AGM 3 November 2018

St Ives has won a Bronze award as best park/village in the county.

A zip wire has been added to the site plus other similar activities.

No news on club house updates at present.

Facebook and or WhatsApp communication group.

Kevin the site manager offered to be the administrator to set up these groups for the St Ives site.

 Can owners get laundry discounts?

The question will be asked by Carenza of the JF management team but we should not be disappointed if the answer is no!

TV licences have to be paid for and usually paid through the site scheme.

Owners comment on why service charges have increased. These have increased in line with inflation.

There is some evidence of guests smoking in JF lodges. Notices of No Smoking policy will be displayed in JF lodges. We can also display our own if needed.

Wi-Fi is not going to be considered at the St Ives site for the foreseeable future. This is due to excessive costs to set up in the wooded area.

Main TVs in properties to be of a certain size.32 inch and above preferred. This is the size JF would fit if owners bought through them.

Guest packs do include info on “do not feed seagulls”.

Cabinets for Calor gas bottles are currently around £500. If any owner can find any cheaper costs please pass on the info to Carenza and Kevin.

Some of the new JF lodges are to be downgraded as there is a requirement for lower grades on site for some clientele.

 Prices to be found for roof cleaning.

Carenza would welcome any info on any contractors who could do the work. Current prices are approx £250 per roof with a minimum of 10 roofs required at any one time.

Gutter cleaning on an add hoc basis for older units. JF will clean them for Owners as a favour and on a “as and when time is available” by the maintenance staff. But cannot guarantee this will happen if time is short for them.

Owner’s signs will be displayed in the respective properties.

Trees cannot be cut back to let more sunshine through. All trees on site have a preservation order on them unless deemed dangerous.

Parking issues in certain areas to be raised through company development team.

Inventory packs are available from JF but they are expensive. Approx £600 for full set.

Resurfacing on site completed for the time being. Will be restarted next year in line with  on-going site improvements.

Carenza asked if owners could send letters of complaint to the local bus company. The company started later in the season than promised and also finished earlier than expected. Ted to write to the company to express our concerns.


David Toman St. Ives rep.

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