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Notes from the CMOA St Ives Owners Side Meeting, 20th March 2016

Ted Hand, CMOA rep for St Ives, outlined to the side meeting the background of discussions and observations that the St Ives reps have had with Kevin and Carenza, the management team at St Ives. The management team, staff and CMOA are committed and dedicated to the long term plan of making the site in to a prestigious and best of the John Fowler Holidays sites. However, this is going to take four to five years. It is accepted by us as owners/reps there is a long way to go. However, all the indications are that St Ives Holiday Village is on the up after a long period of stagnation. From a personal perspective. I feel this is a time of huge transition and a bright future for St Ives Holiday Village and one that will benefit guests and owners. John Fowler Holidays is investing significant sums of money in the site and I believe the improvements are beginning to show through. It comes over that Kevin and Carenza have the desire, motivation and management skills to succeed. From a personal point of view, in the eleven years I have been an owner, I have not seen the site look better than it is today. However, there is a long way to go to reach the ultimate goal and therefore a degree of patience will be required from owners over the next few years.

Issues Raised

  • Landscaping

o   The site now has its own chipper machine and there is an ongoing plan to put down bark chippings.

o   The inclement weather has been a problem with the incessant rain over the winter causing the ground to be saturated. Currently work is ongoing with bark chipping and landscaping taking place.

Ongoing JFH St Ives.

  • Fences dividing properties in need of replacement/ refurbishment.

o   This is again work in progress and will be ongoing throughout 2016. Unfortunately, this will mean some properties will have their wooden dividing fences taken down and not replaced during the season. This will result in a loss of privacy for some owners, but will be rectified over time.

Ongoing JFH St Ives.

  • Treva Croft Paving Slabs.

o   Kevin is trying to get funding to replace slab paths, with tarmac. The season has now started, but the problem still exists. There are a significant number of slabs, particularly in the Treva Croft area being uneven and hazardous. Owners are concerned that this is a trip hazard and therefore a health and safety issue for their guests. This needs urgent action to rectify the problem.

Action JFH St Ives.

  • External painting of properties.

o   This has been delayed by the inclement weather and is work in progress with a team of contractors.

Ongoing JFH St Ives.

  • Siting of refuse bins

o   There is a view of some owners that the refuse bins could be better sited and put in to wooden frames to make them less obtrusive and enhance the ambience of the site.

Action St Ives Reps to take up with JFH St Ives.

  • New lodges.

o   There was a view that the new lodges look excellent and has done a lot to make St Ives Holiday Village a lot more attractive as a site. Owners made the observation that the gas cylinders used to provide energy to each lodge could be encased in a cabinet to enhance the appearance of these superb properties.

o   There was also a question as to whether the gas cylinders are secured to the buildings, as per the regulations?

Action CMOA Chairman and Secretary to take up with JFH.

o   Owners of new lodges have been told that the terms of their lease precludes them personally from staying in their properties during November and December. This affects owners who have families in the area and want to stay tin their lodges at Christmas.

Action CMOA Chairman and Secretary to take up with JFH.

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