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CMOA AGM 12th November 2017

 Tolroy Report

 November 2017 Break- out Session at Perran View Gavin and Amy joined the group and filled us in on recent and planned developments.

Work on the park continued throughout the summer without interruption. The shop and Laundry building were clad in a shiplap material which gives a very pleasant and tidy finish to these buildings and a welcome relief to the painted render. Tudor Court gardens and hedgerows were also tidied up and some trees will be looked at during the Autumn and Spring. The Crazy Golf surface was re-carpeted.

Also during the season the park was presented with a Gold, David Belamy Award for environmental improvements and the fitting of bird boxes and bat boxes. A well earned endorsement of Gavin’s effort to improve the Green credentials of the location. The park also received a Gold award from Trip Advisor as Park of the Year within the John Fowler group.

The Winter Works will include work on the Manor House with work on the structure, roof and a fresh paint colour. Trevithic Court car park is being partially re surfaced (limited budget) and there will be lines painted in order that cars are encouraged to park more tidily. Three properties in Strawberry Hill are being refurnished to raise them from Bronze to Gold.

Gavin would like to put bird proofing spikes on the roofs of Strawberry Hill houses to prevent the gulls roosting and causing so much damage and mess. The take up of this scheme has been disappointing but those houses without spikes will start to look more appealing to the gulls so without spikes you might find heavier soiling.

Review of trees and hedges will continue with work to some trees but it should be remembered that it is the wooded environment which gives Tolroy its special quality. Work will be done where trees are are a danger to structures.

Other items discussed were the provision of Wi-Fi which currently not possible within Tolroy but fibre optic cabling is comping into the area which made lead to the potential of something in the future and at least better speeds at the Manor House. Television reception is sometimes erratic which is caused by booster issues particularly where an owner wants to have booster boxes removed from their property which then requires more aerials to be put up with the accompanying eyesores.

Charlie Dearden, who runs the catering is going to introduce a carver service for next season and as well as running Tolroy will now also be taking responsibility for the St Ives park with St Ives owners and guest able to use the Tolroy restaurant.

The JF Bucket and Spade bed linen has gone and has been replaced with white which will add to the visual quality of the properties.

Cornwall Council is becoming more proactive regarding the houses used as permanent residencies and have a Council representative interviewing these tenants and in some cases there are signs of people moving.

Christopher Nell

Site Rep Tolroy

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