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Tolroy Report Spring AGM, Swindon 18/3/18

I visited the site 4th – 9th March and had a meeting with the site manager Gavin. I have also
included items which arose from the AGM relevant to Tolroy.
The Manor House has been repainted and looks very good and provides a good introduction to
the site. The lights have been replaced on the terrace as well a couple of new lights in the same
style around the site and Gavin promises further lights will be replaced next all in the same style
and same light source so that we will have conformity.
Inside the Carvery area has a new carpet which greatly improves the ambience along with other
minor changes makes this a much more suitable environment for a meal. A very smart stainless
steel carved unit with hot plates and bain-marie’s gives a professional finish to the food offers.
The squash court will need a new roof this year, no time window for this yet.
Three further JF units have been refurbished to bring them up to Gold standard and these have
been done in a more ‘holiday’ ambiance to test reaction and also use a hard floor of textured
wood grain vinyl tiles to test acceptance and wearability in place of the fitted carpet.
Further tree thinning has been done at the back of Tudor Court between 1 and 41.
There has been new tarmac laid to damaged roads and part of the Trevithic car park has been laid
to tarmac which along with durable line marking gives a good impression of order. The car park
surfacing will continue next year subject to budgets.
The notices within the houses explaining JF policy on reporting damage to CMOA properties has
still not been changed but this will, I hope, be done before the season gets underway.
Whilst BT Openreach has been laying cable adjacent to Tolroy there is no news of connection and
so bandwidth remains a problem.
Spikes have been fitted to JF properties in the Strawberry Hill area and to some private
properties. I did observe few gulls but perhaps it too early to see nesting yet. Some property have
enormous amounts of moss and sedums growing in the roof valleys and in the guttering which is
causing damage to property and gardens. This will need to be cleared at cost to owners.
It has become apparent in the very cold winter that Cornwall has just had that it is essential that
Gavin has a key and contact address for every property whether you let through JF or not. Several
properties have suffered from burst pipes and unless Gavin can get in the leaks can not be
stopped neither can the properties be dried out. One property without key access has been
flooded and can not be cleared or dried. The stench will be awful by the time the owner returns. I
note from my insurance policy that I would not be covered in this eventuality.
JF have increased the prices charged by 3% for the forthcoming season and bookings are strong,
however many people have reported that their ‘profits’ for last year, despite increased occupancy,
have fallen dramatically. If you can identify where costs have risen I should like to hear from you.
Certainly greater occupancy = greater wear and tear and increase in electricity usage but it would
help to know more about the issue.
The issue of laundry and mattress covers being swopped around properties, particularly where
people buy their own, was raised and it seems some sites use external laundry services and
therefore they can not be returned to the originating property. I have not had that problem at
Tolroy but tell me if you have. Gavin tells me ‘General bed linen goes away and we do in house
washing on items such as mattress protectors, pillows, duvets, cushions, etc.’
Properties with long term tenants persist although two houses were cleared by more focussed
action from Cornwall Council. If you know of such a problem use this link and complete the form,
planning-control/ and use the 4th box down.

Christopher Nell. Rep. Tolroy

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