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AGM side meeting for Tolroy, report October 2016

Gavin and Amy attended the Tolroy break out discussion and this proved very helpful and allowed for a wide ranging discussion. The following notes were taken:

Winter works, Gavin would like to see all of the properties adopt the use of panel wall heaters in preference to the free standing heaters that some people use as they are safer, stable and can be hard wired for a tidier look. Gavin has details of the standard panel preferred and can give you prices for supply and fit. Tudor Court will be painted this winter using a more advanced paint which it is hoped will be more durable and will stay cleaner due to its composition (Zinzer is the manufacturer). Completion of the project in May 17. Also during the winter there will be hacking back of the vegetation to give more open views to Tudor Court. The electrics within the Manor House are to be sorted out to make them safer and more reliable. During Winter Works if any one wants new windows then Gavin can organise this using the most appropriate colour or finish according to the property type and he has prices for every window on the site. Call Gavin for further information. Visitors do complain about about the lack of benches or outside seating to some properties which results in furniture being moved. Some properties still have the original mattresses or poor quality mattresses and is a cause of complaints. Gavin can organise both of these items should you wish. Regrettably there has not been approval to the resurfacing of Tudor Court car park this year but it will be patched on a more thorough basis. At last there is to be a hand rail to the steps from the Strawberry Hill carpark down to the path through the properties. Problems with invoices can be resolved through Gavin and there seems a lot of questions about discrepancies in incomes, fluctuating rent and charges for cleaning varying from one property to another without reason. Gavin promised clarification of these discrepancies for next meeting. There is a discount of 10% on re-bookings for next year that perhaps we were not aware of and we asked for better information about the spread of longer stays. Apparently the ‘A’ frame properties get more 2 week bookings than other types. There were complaints about the pool not being kept clean and this is put down to the life guards whose responsibility it is dodging this part of their job description. Amy is now a PAT tester so there is no need to contract this work out, prices are however the same. The feeling of the side meeting was that Gavin and Amy are doing a good job with improved communications and a good grasp on the direction the park should be going. The Mid Season report can be found on the CMOA web site .

Christopher Nell CMOA Rep Tolroy

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