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Situation report on Tolroy Manor Holiday Park as of 21st February 2019.

In conversation with the site manager Gavin Lewis it was apparent that the ongoing task is to build on the previous years of good work to maintain the park`s smart appearance, build on its assurance of good quality accommodation and to reinforce the image of it being a very pleasant and enjoyable place to spend a holiday and he and his team are to be congratulated on this.

On Strawberry Hill, of the 35 houses owned by JFH, 2 more have had a total refurbishment, making a total of 10 with 5 more receiving new furnishings. The outsides of all of Strawberry have also been repainted.

In the Tudor area 75 metres of footpath have been re-laid in the interest of safety and appearance.

The children’s play area has been repainted and some new equipment is to be installed. The ground staff have started the process of bringing the grounds and garden areas back to their normal well-tended appearance after the winter, having set the bar high in the summer of 2018 when the park was a blaze of colour in every flowerbed and the clubhouse resplendent with numerous hanging baskets creating a splendid first impression. Gavin and his team are doing well with their ecological aims, the park still holds a gold award in the “David Bellamy “scheme for wildlife protection, a silver award(aiming for gold)in a “Green parks” scheme and has hit its target of zero water waste.

The park is changing its contract for emptying the rubbish/waste bins from Biffa to a more local company whereby “most will be recycled, residue to the incinerator and zero will go to landfill”.

Regarding the ongoing problem of residents on what is a holiday park,JFH have engaged a lawyer and are dealing using the legal process.


Martyn Dale. Tolroy site rep.

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